Filming May 12, 2017


Paramount Pictures to film scenes from "Potomac" in downtown Easton on Friday, May 12. 

The Easton Business Alliance has been informed that Paramount Pictures will be filming portions of a pilot episode for a new series tentatively titled "Potomac" in downtown Easton on Friday, May 12. 

Although this will present Easton in an international production, we understand the frustrations and potential issues associated with street closures on a Friday afternoon, especially before a holiday weekend. Unfortunately, this was not brought before the Easton Business Alliance before approval. 

For your general information, I have copied the text from the Paramount Pictures letter to merchants, and have also linked it below.

From Paramount Pictures:

Dear Businesses and Neighbors,

On Friday, May 12, 2017 Paramount Overseas Productions, INC will be filming scenes for a new TV series currently named “Potomac” in your neighborhood.

We will begin our work at approximately 12noon and finish at about 8pm. This scene is a “stunt” where trained professionals will reenact a bicyclist almost getting hit by a car. Our primary concern is safety and to execute this scene several precautions are necessary. We ask for your patience as some road closers and sidewalk control is required. Every effort will be made to accommodate Easton residents, business owners and visitors while filming.   

In order to clear the streets for camera and other equipment necessary for filming, 
the town will post “No Parking” signs on the streets as follows. In addition, please note street closures and parking lot restrictions. 

***No parking from 8am-8pm on BOTH SIDES of North & South Harrison Street
    from Goldsborough Street to South Street

***No parking from 8am-8pm on BOTH SIDES of East Dover Street
    from North Hanson Street to South Washington Street

***STREET CLOSURE from 12noon -8pm North Harrison Street from Goldsborough Street to South Street

***STREET CLOSURE from 12noon - 8pm - East Dover Street from North Hanson Street to 32 East Dover Street
*** INTERMITTENT TRAFFIC CONTROL “ITC” from 1pm-3pm  - East Dover Street from 32 E Dover Street to S Washington Street

*** PARKING LOT RESTRICTION from 8am-8pm - Parking Lot #2   Lot 2 is the public parking lot near Elizabeth Claire Salon on N. Harrison Street

*** PARKING LOT RESTRICTION from 8am-8pm  - Parking Lot #4  Lot 4 is in the rear of Town Office

*** PARKING LOT RESTRICTION from 8am-8pm  - Brewers Lane BOTH gravel lots off of Brewers Lane

We thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and appreciate the opportunity to film in your neighborhood. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us. We are working with the cooperation of the Easton Police Department (410-822-1111), Department of Economic Development and Tourism(410-770-8058), Easton Business Alliance (410-690-4395), and the Maryland Film Office (410-767-6343).

Thank you in advance, 

Alexander Vogan
Paramount Productions
Asst. Location Manager