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Comfort Keepers' Birthday Party of the Century!

Did you know that 100 years ago the speed limit was 10 miles per hour and there were only about 8000 cars on the roads? There are an estimated 254.4 million on the roads today! There were no cell phones and only eight percent of homes even had a phone at all. Today, nearly everyone is connected, on the go, and the average person spends 6-7 hours in front of some sort of “screen.” The way people commute and communicate definitely have changed in the last century.  In person contact and sharing moments face-to-face remain important to human health.  Studies show that seniors who have daily interaction with others live longer, healthier lives. Remembering birthdays, celebrating special moments and creating happy memories become important as your loved ones age.

If you have someone special that will be celebrating one hundred years in 2016, Eastern Shore Comfort Keepers invites you to a special birthday party for these special ladies and gentlemen. The Second Annual Centenarian Party will be at the Milestone event center in Easton, MD on May 10, 2016 from11:00am to 3:00pm. Centenarians and one guest are invited to join us and share some more great memories of days gone by. Guests are welcome to bring photos and memorabilia to share with others at their table. There is no charge for this special birthday party. Please go to or call Amy Fenzel at 410-822-4414 to register.