EBA Membership Advantages


The mission of the Easton Business Alliance is to enhance, preserve and promote the vitality of Easton’s independent merchants which benefit business owners, residents and visitors; and to bring awareness to the town’s historical roots and lifestyles.

EBA is a marketing, promotions and events nonprofit designed to assist the independent businesses of Easton.

EBA Membership Advantages include:

General Business Information

  • Marketing/promotional arm to local businesses
  • Advocate for small businesses with Town Council for related issues
  • Communication resource with partnering organizations (TOE, Chamber of Commerce, EEDC, County Tourism)
  • Representation at Tourism & Downtown Development meetings…


  • Co-op advantages: EBA assists with marketing costs to lower buy-in for local business
  • EBA provides a consistent Shop Local & First Weekend campaign for local businesses
  • Paid advertising can run through EBA office to reduce cost to members


  • Social Media Promotions: campaigns tailored to various industries of members, Featured Member of the Week acknowledgements, EBA review, event promotion...
  • Blog Posts: press releases, travel blogs about town/business, monthly social media campaign features...
  • Website Development on Discover Easton: business listing (image with business description), Home Page free advertising, Featured Member of the Week…
  • Radio: Director co-hosts Morning Rush on WCEI on Tues & Thur highlighting local businesses and community events (members are offered spots for promoting their business, $125 value)
  • Video productions: EBA Director interviews local businesses, aired on social media and local cable channel - all footage is owned by EBA and is available for sharing on website and social media pages


  • EBA hosts promotional events designed to drive traffic into local businesses
  • Partner to host in-house events in local businesses


*Membership is accepted on a rolling admittance throughout the fiscal year. There is not a prorated fee; membership is granted for 365 days.